WORLD BOOK DAY 2023 and Dee Williams

This beautifully crafted and poignant book has earned amazing reviews on Amazon. Maggie's Market is my own Dee William's favourite and simply scrumptious - tailor-made for fans of family sagas!

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Today is a celebration for booklovers everywhere! Over the years I've lost count of the wonderful Eureka book-moments that have brightened a dull day, lifted my spirits and brought new bursts of pleasure to my working and leisure life. One of my dearest books stands on my bookshelf, so over-thumbed that I'm cautious about handling the delicate pages inside. No, this book is not leather bound or wrapped in tissue or supported by book ends. The modest little paperback nudges others of its kind; the genre I write in and have made my career with - sagas and romances, commercial fiction written for women. So today I would like to honour the author for whom I have so much regard. She hails from similar turf; I write East End - the Isle of Dogs - Dee is from Rotherhithe East London. Our patches of turf are separated by a ribbon of water, universally known as the River Thames. Were it not for this uniquely skilled lady I may not have dared to  enter the world of family sagas. But she showed me the way with her awesomely simple and heartfelt stories - and for this I will be eternally grateful.


Like all her wonderful book covers, the stories inside are full of vibrant family life, the ups and downs of characters who we might imagine are living right next door or across the road from us. But they are special - very special - since Dee's masterful writing has brought them to life from the very moment your turn the first page. Go check out Dee for yourself - you won't be sorry.

Much love as always, Carol XX