Thanks to the reviewers!


What does an author do to soothe the nerves in the upcoming days to publication? Mostly she checks his/her work for the umpteenth time and finds that needle in a haystack typo standing out like a neon sign at night. Then there’s the blogs to compose, the details to prepare; the when, why and how her book will birth itself into a world of millions of others, trying to find its space. So, basically, you panic. You don’t sleep well and you wake in a sweat thinking of that life/death detail you intended to include in the final draft. And didn’t. You’ve given your latest baby so much thought, critique, re-reads and inventive tag lines that your marketing, production and content are a continual voice in your head and won’t be switched off. So surely, this publication should be perfect? Well, actually it’s not. Nothing is perfect, least of all the 90,000 words you have laboured over for nine months, torn apart and put together like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The outlines. The edits. The structure. The characters. These imaginary actors who’ve hopefully shed their cardboard conception and become as real to you as your family. And then, just before publication you are certain - convinced - that everything has gone pear-shaped. Then you pray. You hope for a good review that comes from someone you trust. Luckily, I had one such early review, clear, concise and beautifully written. Suddenly the world is righted, you have the confidence again and the blood in your veins begins to unfreeze. What would we do without reviewers like this? Goodness only knows. So this a huge thank you to reviewers who know how vital their work is to the industry of publishing. I know every author will join me in giving thanks and appreciation. 1000 times over!