December 2022 Bestsellers



It's Thursday December 8th 2022 and I'm delighted to say that two of my sagas have gone into Amazon's bestsellers lists today. GIRL WITH SECRETS AND CHRISTMAS CHILD, published by Joffe Books and just in time for the Christmas holiday. The books can be found in the Sagas Fiction and Victorian Historical Romance lists - just hit on the links to find them. 

All three books have strong, feisty heroines who have a great deal to challenge their young lives and rather go through the mill. However, as with all saga fiction, the stories are deeply rooted in family issues and could almost be topical dilemmas. I do hope you enjoy reading my books. I love to write them for you, not the least because it's one way of recording our great British history of which we are all so proud.

Have a great week and enjoy your reading!

Love as always

Carol R x

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