End of Summer Goodies!

Hello dear Readers, Writers and Bloggers, 

I’m hoping you’ve had a really lovely summer, kept safe and sound and managed to enjoy life despite the problem of Covid 19! I'm afraid this splash of September sunshine won't last too long, but I'm making the most of the "garden desk" while I can!

I hope too, that you’ve read some amazing books and have topped up your home libraries, kindles and e-devices with a great selection of goodies.

If you'd like to browse my books with AMAZON you'll find a selection of sagas from Victorian to the 1960's.

I’ve just begun work on my new book, slower this time, hampered by a hand injury, but the outline is done and the working title at the moment is THE WAR WIDOW’S POSY. This may change over the next few months, but so far my heroine is the young and lovely orphan 17-year-old Kate Wilson, who is just about to be married to her sweetheart Harry, when - yes, you’ve guessed it - war breaks out and all healthy, able and willing young men are called to fight for their country. Harry is among the first volunteers but is certain the conflict will be over by Christmas 1914. However, as we all know, this was a very vain hope. True love, glory, grief, coping with monstrous disability - and courage - run side by side in this family saga and I’m really enjoying tackling some very difficult subjects. This book will be next year’s publication - if all goes to plan!

Meanwhile, my book GIRL WITH SECRETS is at a fabulous discounted price of 99p with Hello Books, so follow this link if you’d like to download a bargain!  


That’s all my news for now - take care of yourselves and enjoy what we hope will be our Indian summer!

Thinking of you all,

Carol X 


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