A  new book is always an exciting event, but I do have a little taster of my characters and plot for "Girl With Secrets". So here goes.

The Purbrights are a country family and love the idyllic lifestyle of late 1930’s rural England. But when Nicholas Purbright is offered a once-in-a-lifetime partnership with his brother, in London, the opportunity is too good to miss. So the Purbrights uproot, lock, stock and barrel and find themselves in the thick of it, in London’s East End. Not just a culture shock for the refined taste of Nicky’s wife, Florence, but a whole new world for their children, Bobby 10, Daisy 9 and Matt 17.

The viewpoint character is Daisy. She is stepping from childhood into adolescence, a bright, happy and even precocious youngster. She will need all her resilience and energy to weather the storm ahead. For just as the family settles to London life, a shadow falls over Britain. War is declared and the Purbrights find themselves involved in dangers beyond their imaginations. 

Much like us in these bewildering times, the Purbrights are faced with forbidding challenges. There are some moments as I'm writing when I have a little déjà vu.  Although my story is wartime, it is very much a book of now.