We're coming to the end of May and I'm delighted to post that GIRL WITH SECRETS is still at no 1 on Amazon's charts after publication in February. Daisy's winning category, "Physical Impairments", goes straight to the heart of this nine-year-old's turbulent wartime story. Here's why; Daisy Purbright is a fun loving country girl and adores her life in Wattcombe Village, a rural paradise for Daisy and her brother Bobby. But life has a way of turning our expectations upside down and in wartime Britain it was even more so. The Purbrights’ move to London coincides disastrously with the onset of World War ll. The London Blitz has wide-ranging consequences for the Purbrights and for Daisy, it's a personal struggle as she copes with what we now know as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some reviewers have noted how different this book is to the normal family saga. Well, I do hope so, since GIRL WITH SECRETS might well have been set in the pandemic, (and was certainly written during it) when our mental health issues have been so sadly neglected in our struggle for survival. I do wish all my readers the very best of experiences through the eyes of Daisy and hope the dots can be connected to the life struggles of our families and ancestors down the ages. 

Much love as always, Carol x ❤️